Ever since I was a teenager and discovered the wonders of the Internet, I would have a blog where I would talk about all kinds of random stuff that I loved. Regardless if it was album reviews, rants about some books or movies, or thoughts on the day, I would always write something there. It was like an itch; if I didn’t scratch it, it would eat at me the entire day.

However, I never looked at my blog as a business tool until I was old enough to understand what business was. Reaching the last year of college, now I know that if your service is of some use to anyone, then you can make a business out of it. You just have to bring your education into it.

Say that you are a day-time chef that gets their income from cooking at a restaurant. If you run a blog where you write your recipes, then you offer your knowledge for someone else to see as well. You are providing a writing service for those who want to learn. And for each click or scroll, you get paid.

The Higher the Quality, the Better

If there’s anything that readers are looking for, that is consistency and high-quality writing. Let’s take the cooking example again: you may have a great recipe there, but if you write everything in large blobs that no one will understand, they won’t be reaching the end of the article either – which means you won’t be getting your money.

Furthermore, let’s say that your recipe is perfectly tasty – but unless you optimize it enough for Google or Yahoo to find it, your readers will not be able to find your post. It will fall on the second and third page of the search engine – and we all know that nobody ever goes there. You could hide a body on the second page considering how often it’s used.

Learning from Experience

I’ve worked with a lot of students – and I am a student myself. I considered all my posts to be homework. I was almost always present in the classroom, and if I felt that I needed help.

This is why I want to help people as well, with my knowledge. I want to help them make their “voices” heard, so that they also become successful businessmen. I want to teach them how to make great blogs that will get as many views as possible.