3 Healthy Habits To Become An Efficient Blogger

Yes, blogging does need you to possess the technical knowledge of your niche, but there are certain other requirements & factors that bring about the efficiency in your work i.e. blogging. Many famous blogs only rely on guest posts, and the owner is only seen promoting his own products. On the other side, many famous blogs have a single blog owner that lifts all the weight and is the sole personality to take the blog from bottom to top.

All that proves one thing i.e. you need to be efficient in what you do. Hence, don’t take blogging as just one task of the home. It’s a whole new world and there are certain rules, certain requirements, certain benefits, certain disadvantages and certain competition. One of the ‘requirements’ is the health – both physical and psychological. Following are three habits that will help you lead a healthy and efficient blogging journey.

Write With Fresh Mind – Bad Moods Affect

Just had an argument or a fight over something? That’s normal for any human being. But did you just took a gadget in your hand to write your next blog post? That’s not normal. Studies say (and well, it’s common sense) that anything done with a fresh mind has a very high efficiency than being done with a pessimistic mind (you’re always negative when depressed or angry, right!?).

Writing – or doing any blogging activity (replying to comments, emails etc.) with a fresh and happy mind will lead you to a very efficient result in the coming future.

Write While Having ‘Your Drink’ – Coffee, Most Probably

Coffee is my drink (when I’m on business). You must be having yours. Any drink that soothes your mind and helps you focus more is highly recommended to be taken while you’re on business. You must have seen hundreds have coffee cups in their hands on their way from/to the business place – why? Are they retarted? No, they’re smart enough to know that they need a fresh mind to perform a task and their drink is the only instant way to do it.


..make sure you don’t consume anything that can influence your mind in any possible way. Remember the difference between ‘calming a mind’ and ‘influencing a mind’.

Write In A Pleasant Environment

Ever seen someone writing or doing any sort of business in a concert? I’m sure not. That’s because a concert has loud noises that can’t even let you listen to yourself. Just imagine how would the mind be listening to your commands? It is lame, but it is practical.

I personally prefer to carry on with my tasks in my room – it allows me the benefit to stay alone, have my drink, listen to my favorite music (usually on headphones) and what not. This environment allows me to be much efficient than I could be in my living room. That said, you should always prefer a place where you can talk to yourself i.e. a place that doesn’t have anyone except yourself.


Your health (both physical and psychological) plays a very crucial role in determining your business’s efficiency. Don’t overlook it just because you’re doing good enough – hope for the best, and remember that there’s nothing such ‘best‘ that exists.