3 Tips to Make Money With A Personal Blog

You must be wondering about making money with a personal blog, right? Well, it’s nothing new! Everyone wants to make some cash for the words that come out from their heart, not the mind! Here are 3 tips which will guide you on how to make money with a personal blog! The more positively and effectively you will follow the tips below, the better your performance will be. But again mentioning – It’s about your personal blog, not your primary or any other blog.

Make Money With A Personal Blog

The following are the factors that I would consider using when I feel like making money with a personal blog. However, currently I don’t.

Content Is Still The King!

Money With A Personal BlogYes! The necessity of writing good, or great, still exists! Just posting about Kim Kardashian’s new $3000 dress wouldn’t attract valuable visitors. A personal blog doesn’t mean that you have to write about your new relationship or your break up. On the personal blog, you can surely right about relationships (no one’s going to stop you), but it would sound better if you could just advice the reader not to make the mistake (which you made in your relationship) I mean, that’s personal right?

Ads – In a limit

Money With A Personal Blog

I’m basically talking about Google Adsense here. I loved Google’s policy of not having more than 3 ads (the size doesn’t matter) on a single view of a site. I wouldn’t say much under this but I would just quote something – “Don’t add content between ads, add ads between content!” If you act like your blog is like that of the “Million Dollar Homepage“, then my friend you need help! Because that won’t really help you make money with a personal blog!

Be The Ultimate Affiliate!

Money With A Personal Blog

Apart from the most important affiliate program, you don’t need to include any other banners on the sidebar/header/footer. In order to make money with a personal blog, it’s not a must that you start earning as soon as you register. Patience is the ultimate strength to success in this field. It is important to share your affiliate links, but not just with the intention of getting the commission. All extra affiliate links should be included in articles which at least review the company (being promoted using the affiliate) or give a brief of the services.