3 Ways To Revamp Your Old Blog Posts

An old Indian saying goes like this – Progress is the world’s rule. In the world of blogging, the more you write, the more you progress. This hence proves that as new posts get published on your blog, the old ones are of less quality as compared to the new ones. But a blog does not just run on the new posts with the power of social media. The old blog posts play a vital role in getting organic traffic. Therefore, it’s a must that your old blog posts should be occasionally revamped to make sure that the search engines rank them well for the targeted keywords, and following are the reasons how it can be done.

New Updates

It is likely that if the old posts contain some information about any service/product etc, the same products might have been either have major updates or might have been terminated by the developer. In such cases, all you have to do is to add an update notice below the article mentioning the situation.

This certainly helps new visitors about the authenticity of the information being provided.

Inter and Outbound Linking

It’s always beneficial to interlink your posts. Not only does it help your readers to know more about the mentioned text, but also increases the number of pageviews of your site. We’ve also mentioned in an article that outbound links (links which go to other sites) are also as important as the interlinks. Search engines do give a high priority and appreciation to the outbound links provided that they are well deserving and are linking to sites that are worth i.e. sites that possess good quality and which are not considered to be spammy or malware by search engines.

Hence, as new posts are published on your blog, all you have to do is to visit the old posts and find some text what you think you have posted about on the blog – and simply link it. The readers, search engines and therefore you shall be really benefitted in some or the other ways. Also, don’t forget that this activity is the best way to reduce your blog’s bounce rate.

Improving With The Design

If your blog isn’t so old, or if your blog has had a design change (can be a minor tweak or a complete change), you then need to look at the front end of the posts. That’s because the new design might be making the old posts look weird. This often happens when the posts contain images, headings (which is obvious) and other buttons or boxes. In such case, you need to format the posts by – editing the positions of the images or deleting the unnecessary ones, being sure that the headings are properly visible and there is enough space between the content and the headings, placing the buttons well enough so that they’re perfectly visible to increase the CTR, keeping the boxes neatly within the content so that images etc do not override the same.


It is a must to update your old blog posts so that the reputation and the quality of your blog is not doubted by anyone. Also, updating does help search engines rank your content exactly where it deserves to be.

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