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The Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate in 2018

Social media already represent a big part of our lives. Many of us can’t spend a day without looking at what is going on our timelines, and many others do it several times throughout the day. It is also a great channel to do business and promote a brand due to its capacity to reach a large number of people for very little money.

And the thing that social media is always evolving, and we can’t wait until see what is coming next. Users love new features and since the networks started selling ads the battle for more followers is getting more interesting. So let’s see what is bound to happen in 2018 in terms of social media marketing according to experts.

# 1 – Snapchat will get a new look

Snapchat has already changed its name to Snap, and it was only the beginning. They are also investing in glasses with cameras so people can upload live content to their platform straight away and from their own eyes point of view.

# 2 – Twitter might lose more followers

Except if they are preparing a big change somewhere, it is possible that Twitter will continue to lose their followers and the interest of their audience. People seem to be looking for a different type of platform, and Twitter hasn’t got it right yet.

# 3 – Posting will be more real-time and visual

Facebook Live is just one of the many options you will be seen soon regarding real-time and visual posting. People want to speak with their own voice and type less, as it never seems to be enough to express what they want to say and feel. So get yourself camera-ready.

# 4 – Customer service will be moving to social media

More and more customer service will be moving to social media in 2018. Many companies are already doing it, and others won’t have a choice but to offer channels on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks where their clients can ask questions and make complaints.

# 5 – Business will buy more ads

With algorithms giving more and more priority to custom-based timelines and organic results, companies will have no choice but to buy ads on social media if they want to be seen at all. It will also, hopefully, increase the pressure on the networks so to offer better advertising solutions to their clients.

# 6 – You will have to be more creative

With so much competition out there, you will have to be much more creative to stand out from the crowd. People are also much stricter about what they will spend their time with – as nobody has time to waste. So forget about wrapping about 10 posts in 10 minutes. It will be best to spend all 10 minutes, or more, in just one of them, even by getting academic help and make it perfect and engaging.

# 7 – Few social media networks will get all the attention

Again, as a consequence of a lack of time or interest, fewer social media networks are likely to grab the attention of the majority of users. So it also makes sense for brands and companies to also direct their marketing to only some of them – those where their target audience is.

In Conclusion

Social Media Marketing will have to face several challenges in 2018. It will have to figure out which networks will survive and become the right place to be and place your money.

In order to figure out, you will have to keep a close eye on your target audience’s behavior and metrics. And don’t be sorry for leaving your favorite social media network if necessary. Just follow your clients wherever they go in 2018.