10 Years Of WordPress as a Platform – A Never-Ending Journey

Without saying anything else, let’s first wish WordPress a very Happy Birthday! You may opt to sing the song in your head, should you wish to. Every site owner that uses WordPress as a platform to run the site has been highly benefitted from WordPress. There’s not a single, but several reasons for this – and all of them can be found in the infographic below.

All praises go to Matt & Mike – the founders who made one of the most important decision of the web i.e. to provide WordPress for free. It has not only helped the direct users, but has helped thousands to make a living online by allowing integration of third-party-software (such as WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins). One example is my own business i.e. ThesisLove – where you’ll find a collection of Thesis 2 Skins & Boxes. Read more about WordPress in the infographic below – and see how immensely it has changed the web in the course of 10 years.

WordPress 10th Anniversary - 10 years WordPress Infographic