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The Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate in 2018

Social media already represent a big part of our lives. Many of us can’t spend a day without looking at what is going on our timelines, and many others do it several times throughout the day. It is also a great channel to do business and promote a brand due to its capacity to reach a large number of people for very little money.

And the thing that social media is always evolving, and we can’t wait until see what is coming next. Users love new features and since the networks started selling ads the battle for more followers is getting more interesting. So let’s see what is bound to happen in 2018 in terms of social media marketing according to experts.

# 1 – Snapchat will get a new look

Snapchat has already changed its name to Snap, and it was only the beginning. They are also investing in glasses with cameras so people can upload live content to their platform straight away and from their own eyes point of view.

# 2 – Twitter might lose more followers

Except if they are preparing a big change somewhere, it is possible that Twitter will continue to lose their followers and the interest of their audience. People seem to be looking for a different type of platform, and Twitter hasn’t got it right yet.

# 3 – Posting will be more real-time and visual

Facebook Live is just one of the many options you will be seen soon regarding real-time and visual posting. People want to speak with their own voice and type less, as it never seems to be enough to express what they want to say and feel. So get yourself camera-ready.

# 4 – Customer service will be moving to social media

More and more customer service will be moving to social media in 2018. Many companies are already doing it, and others won’t have a choice but to offer channels on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks where their clients can ask questions and make complaints.

# 5 – Business will buy more ads

With algorithms giving more and more priority to custom-based timelines and organic results, companies will have no choice but to buy ads on social media if they want to be seen at all. It will also, hopefully, increase the pressure on the networks so to offer better advertising solutions to their clients.

# 6 – You will have to be more creative

With so much competition out there, you will have to be much more creative to stand out from the crowd. People are also much stricter about what they will spend their time with – as nobody has time to waste. So forget about wrapping about 10 posts in 10 minutes. It will be best to spend all 10 minutes, or more, in just one of them, even by getting academic help and make it perfect and engaging.

# 7 – Few social media networks will get all the attention

Again, as a consequence of a lack of time or interest, fewer social media networks are likely to grab the attention of the majority of users. So it also makes sense for brands and companies to also direct their marketing to only some of them – those where their target audience is.

In Conclusion

Social Media Marketing will have to face several challenges in 2018. It will have to figure out which networks will survive and become the right place to be and place your money.

In order to figure out, you will have to keep a close eye on your target audience’s behavior and metrics. And don’t be sorry for leaving your favorite social media network if necessary. Just follow your clients wherever they go in 2018.

3 Mistakes I Made As An Amateur Blogger

Every successful blogger has been through the beginning phase (the struggling phase, rather) of this adventurous journey on the web. It has never been easy for anyone to simply start a blog generate enough to make a living. All the bloggers that are currently making hundreds or thousands every month have all been through stages where their blog(s) hardly generated enough to pay for hosting their websites. I personally started with a freelance writing for one service, it was a terrific experience because I was just doing what I like, but also helping students. I could even feel like a student for a while.

Even I started as a beginner (everyone does!). My first blog ever was which was a personal blog of mine. On that blog, I wrote about my own experiences in life and what I learnt from there. It all started with WordPress.Com (as I didn’t know anything about WordPress.Org and how it works!). Since the beginning of my real web entrepreneurship (with this very the blog), following is what I believe have been my mistakes and why I overcame the same.

Practiced Unnecessary Commenting

In the beginning, just like every other newbie, I used to practice a lot of blog commenting without knowing the consequences. Well, there aren’t many issues with the same, but there aren’t any true benefits as well. Note that I’m talking about unnecessary commenting – which means commenting on blog posts from where you’ve hardly understood something but you yet comment just to receive a few clicks on your Commentluv Links.

This didn’t make any big difference to my blog nor did it affect the rankings – in-fact it might have improved the same. However, the mistake was that I wasted a lot of precious time which could have been used to write quality content.

Used Informal Tone In My Writing

Although I didn’t use any sort of slang language, my writing style was yet informal than what it should have been i.e. formal. I often used to give examples which should otherwise not be given in those specific articles. However, over time and since the launch of my business, I’ve been quite professional and so has my style of writing.

This change has led to a drastic change in the type of people I interact with – and it’s completely on the positive side.

Changed A Lot Of Designs

Until I was introduced to the Thesis WordPress Theme, I changed a lot of themes on my WordPress based site. The earlier ones were free, while the later ones were premium. However, none of them were as good as Thesis. The reason why I changed my themes in the earlier times was that there were new theme releases and they were free, and I just changed without thinking about anything (imagine!).

However, since purchasing Thesis and hitting the ‘Activate’ button, I haven’t gone with any other WordPress Theme. In fact, my business (ThesisLove) exists because Thesis exists. Yes, I’ve changed the internal designs of my Thesis based site, but after all it’s the same Theme.


All the above just conclude one thing – you shouldn’t be making the same mistakes if you’re yet a beginner. Don’t practice worthless commenting just for the sake of getting a few clicks – it is not going to help you achieve anything. Instead, comment to build relationships. It will help you in several ways. Regarding your writing style, follow my article teaching you about improving your writing skills by reading. Regarding your blog design, here’s what I have to say –

I’ve been using the Thesis WordPress Theme since a very long time, and cannot be more happier. It’s a giant.

Hope this post helps you not to make the mistakes I made when I was a beginner. Leave your insights in the comments section below.

5 Best Sources To Get High Quality Images For Your Blog

Images are essential when blogging because it is one way of enhancing your search engine popularity. For website content as well photos must be posted to a catchy front page. There are image sources online that caters to these needs that a blogger or a website owner could remain on their computers and not hunt for subjects to be photographed. The image stock agencies sell pictures that are royalty-free which means that upon payment you own the picture. The prices may not be uniform for every webpage but surely each has their own unique taste that business people in various spheres trusts.

Following are 5 best image sources where you can obtain first-class and remarkable photos. These companies are seasoned and reputable that their names still dominate the online scene despite years of existence.


This company was built in 2004 and flourishing still to this day. Images can be bought here whether for blog or for web content. The photos are of good quality and the aesthetic feature is outstanding. A large collection is provided for the clients so they can get what is appropriate for their needs.

The feature of this photo vending site that most appeal to the public is their affordability without risking quality. The photos come from contributing photographers everywhere screened and approved by the site. The images are then downloaded by the photographers according to their category and named with the appropriate keywords. This is actually a two-way earning program and it works.


They have combos where a buyer can choose among the packages provided to save money. The more photos you buy, the lesser the price goes. The images can be bought through credits estimated from $0.5 and up.


iStock started in 2006 as an independent business entity under Getty Images as the sister company. Breathtaking photography and heaps of them are on the site and categorized for easy navigation. This company started out with a considerable number of images sold to individuals and companies. Quality and artistry per se, you will adore iStock but the price has always lived up to the craftsmanship of the photos.

Photographers from all over the world applies here for their photos to be published so that with the sale, they get a commission. Whether you are a newbie or a professional you can apply as long as your images pass their requirements. They are screened for creativity and quality and if they pass, the photographers can now sit and wait for the money.


The photos are sold by credits and each credit starts at $1.75 each if you buy an initial of 8 credits for small projects. You will pay $1.54 each for big projects if you buy 150 credits for start off. The prices go down when you buy in bulk. The photos can be bought for 1 credit up to more than 100 but you can also go to the dollar bin if you are on a budget.


This is another photo selling agency that went live in 2003. In the beginning only the owner had his photo collection displayed on this site but in time, due to the increasing client visits, other photographers are welcomed to submit their work for selling. Just like the former two, the photos should pass the requirements to be accomodated. Upon selling, a fixed payment depending on popularity is awarded to the photographer. Everyone is welcome to contribute as long as the person is above 18 and passes the interview.


The packages for subscription are flexible which are categorized into standard and enhanced depending on the need and preference of the buyer. You can get an image for $0.2 each if you get the year round combo pack.


This is a photo and video stock agency that has acquired a good reputation since its dawn in 2005. They are clear about providing their clients vivid photos with talented photographers contributing to the vast photo inventory. This company is a steady competitor of the former three and has the quality to keep up with the rivalry.

For the photographers who contribute to the webpage, they get a commission when their photos are bought. If it remains untouched for six months, their value will go down to the minimum. In the event where it goes alive again and gain popularity to the buyer, the price will go up. There is a pixel requirement for the photographs because the clients order them in different sizes. Enhancements are not tolerated on resolutions.

These photographs can be used for blogs, content and others. The resolution is top-notch as always and the choices are enormous. Just browse to the category of your choice and a world of exquisite photographs will parade in front of you. Whatever your purpose for these photos, surely you would find what is suitable for you because of the millions of images filed since 2005.


The photos are sold at $0.74 for people who download a few and for the avid patron who requires bulk; the images are put up for wholesale with roughly $0.19 which is a lot of savings.


This company has debuted in 2005 with already millions of photographs in their catalog not to mention the contributions of other photographers for the succeeding years. They have a site built especially for mobile devices which is now serving their customers. This is to ensure that wherever their clients are, they will be catered for.

The photos are fresh because of the vast new pieces that come in a daily basis. You can be sure that the resolution is high quality. Choices for size can be specified depending on your needs.


Prices vary with package specification starting at $0.44. You can also avail of the premium plan specifically for those companies needing volumes of pictures for the blog sites that can go as low as $0.25.

The photo libraries online provides their subscribers best resolution photos that are living up the price tag. You could get good deals if you are determined in searching for the best. This 5 photo stock agency are the established in this field that they have collected the finest.There are millions of photos that everything you search for is here.

4 Tips To Write Series Posts On Your Blog

Series posts are articles that are written under a specific topic, which has several parts – so called articles. For any sort of blog, series posts are really important to convey a specific message, or to teach a specific topic which can otherwise be hard to teach in a single post/article.

Here’s a list of some benefits of series posts to the author/blog-owner

  • Increased Number Of Page Views
  • Greater, Informative & Organized Discussion
  • Higher Social Shares i.e. Increased Social Traffic

And here’s a list of a few benefits of series posts to the readers –

  • Detailed Explanation Of The Topic
  • Wider Opportunity To Discuss Every Part In Detail
  • Easy Sharing Possibility i.e. can share one or two required posts with friends rather than sharing a full article.
  • Easy to access comments on single posts, hence knowing ore about the same.

All that explains the outstanding benefits of writing series posts on your blogs – regardless of the niche you lie into. However, speaking is a different thing and writing is another. Follow the tips below to make sure you’re writing your series posts in the best way they should be written.

Make The Titles Speak For Themselves

The title is the most crucial part of any article, and its importance gets a much higher ranking when it comes to series posts. That’s because any blog can have any number of new readers at any time – and without an appropriate title, it is impossible for them know what’s going on.

That said, you should write your titles in a way that any reader – old or new – can easily grasp the fact the he/she just read a series post title. Using phrases such as “Part #” or just “#” (the part number) can be very beneficial as well.

Use Informative Images – Usually Created/Edited

By the phrase Informative Images, I mean to say that the images should contain something that is unique about that series of articles. For example, you can add a small “Series Logo” (you must have created one if it was very famous!) at the bottom-right of all the featured images for the series posts.

This makes your series stand out of the crowd and attracts more visitors as it is something different.

Introduce With The Series’ Archive

Every article, just like this one, has an introductory paragraph. It is always advised, recommended and preferred to clearly state and included a link to the Series Archives i.e. where all the posts in that series are found.

This helps any reader to go through all the previous articles in the series – benefiting your blog more.

Have Specific Intervals

What if I started a series, posted the first article and then posted the second article a year later? Would it have any effect on any of my reader(s)? I believe not. That’s because a lot of things change with long times. Hence, you’re advised to have a specific schedule for posting the series posts – and following the same throughout the duration of the series.


Writing series posts is highly beneficial to your blog, but following some crucial advise will benefit it more.

3 Tips to Make Money With A Personal Blog

You must be wondering about making money with a personal blog, right? Well, it’s nothing new! Everyone wants to make some cash for the words that come out from their heart, not the mind! Here are 3 tips which will guide you on how to make money with a personal blog! The more positively and effectively you will follow the tips below, the better your performance will be. But again mentioning – It’s about your personal blog, not your primary or any other blog.

Make Money With A Personal Blog

The following are the factors that I would consider using when I feel like making money with a personal blog. However, currently I don’t.

Content Is Still The King!

Money With A Personal BlogYes! The necessity of writing good, or great, still exists! Just posting about Kim Kardashian’s new $3000 dress wouldn’t attract valuable visitors. A personal blog doesn’t mean that you have to write about your new relationship or your break up. On the personal blog, you can surely right about relationships (no one’s going to stop you), but it would sound better if you could just advice the reader not to make the mistake (which you made in your relationship) I mean, that’s personal right?

Ads – In a limit

Money With A Personal Blog

I’m basically talking about Google Adsense here. I loved Google’s policy of not having more than 3 ads (the size doesn’t matter) on a single view of a site. I wouldn’t say much under this but I would just quote something – “Don’t add content between ads, add ads between content!” If you act like your blog is like that of the “Million Dollar Homepage“, then my friend you need help! Because that won’t really help you make money with a personal blog!

Be The Ultimate Affiliate!

Money With A Personal Blog

Apart from the most important affiliate program, you don’t need to include any other banners on the sidebar/header/footer. In order to make money with a personal blog, it’s not a must that you start earning as soon as you register. Patience is the ultimate strength to success in this field. It is important to share your affiliate links, but not just with the intention of getting the commission. All extra affiliate links should be included in articles which at least review the company (being promoted using the affiliate) or give a brief of the services.