3 Reasons Not To Worry About Any Google Updates

It’s been about 2-3 days Google claimed the update – the Penguin 2.0 updates in its algorithm. The results say that about 2.3% English-US queries were affected. However, not many (or maybe none) of the sites were penalized badly. That said, it wasn’t that big of an update. In my personal portfolio, none of sites/blogs seem to be hit by the Penguin as the traffic is constant – no big/noticeable change.

However, before…during… and since the update, I’ve been noticing that my social timelines have faced quite a big buzz about the update. Some (only the ‘tech-type’ bloggers) claiming that they’ve experienced a big-time downfall in their site traffic, others claiming that they’ve lost their daily revenues since a couple of days (are they kidding us!?) and what not. Henceforth, I had a small message (this post actually!) for all those who’re scratching their heads – or giving themselves a *facepalm* – due to what they’ve faced because of this update. Here are a few reasons why I personally believe one shouldn’t worry about such updates.

*Note – The phrase ‘Any Google Updates‘ doesn’t include the Google PageRank Updates. Period.

You Have The Quality – Why Worry?

When you know that you have content that can be regarded of good, or hopefully, of great quality, then why would you even waste your time seeing the daily traffic stats? When you know you haven’t copied any of the content that you’ve published – then why give a damn about what the updates are going to do to your blog?

Such scenario is like Steve Jobs thinking about the competition and legal issues that he is going to face from a phone-duplicator store in China. Bottomline is – if your blog content possesses some good and remarkable quality, there’s no reason for ANY attack to hit your blog.

You Don’t Practice Bad SEO – Why… Why Worry?

You definitely know what the term ‘Bad SEO’ means. If not, read Erik’s Say on Bad SEO to know about what techniques actually lead you to the so called ‘Bad SEO’ field. Many believe that Bad SEO is when you don’t practice at all – that is not at all true. If you don’t practice any SEO, that will not affect your site. Although it will not bring in the potential advantages and benefits, there’s no way it could ‘affect‘ the site. Assuming that you know-it-all now, let’s talk about it.

When you know that you don’t purchase text links, or that you don’t exchange blogroll links (do read the linked article – something important out there!) – then why worry about the updates!? Such Google updates are searching for the people who practice all the bad stuff – and you’re surely not there.

You Follow Matt Cutts – Why… Why… Why Worry?

Matt CuttsYou might take this jokingly, but I am damn serious about this. Many bloggers, to actually survive on planet web, give a few minutes of their day to the Head Of WebSpam Team at Google – Matt Cutts. You must surely be knowing him, as he is the sole presentator and advisor, and the ‘warner’ at the Google WebMasters Youtube ChannelIf you go through the videos (maybe from the beginning), you’ll notice the outstanding and professional tips and advices he shares to actually boost your blogs overall reputation on the web.

When you know that you follow all the tips – what’s there to worry about? He will never ask you to practice something that him and his team are going to regard as ‘bad’ some day.


If you’re sure that all the factors discussed above are true for your site(s), you can go ahead and continue business as usual. However, if there’re any necessary changes that you believe you should take – go ahead, don’t waste a second.