Two Simple Things Stopping You From Making Money Blogging

At this very hour, thousands of bloggers are making money blogging and you might just be wondering “But I’m not..”. If this is the case with you, it’s normal because even I might fall in your category and there are a million others too who are not really making money blogging. But then what’s the solution and what all could be done so that you can see two, three, four, five or hopefully six digit figures online? It’s not simple and you have to agree with it. It takes time for a tree to grow and during the growth, you don’t really see any ripe fruits but you might yet see some unripe fruits which give you the signal that ‘good’ stuff is not very far.

Same is the case with blogging when it’s the early time for your blog. During the journey of making money blogging, first enrich the unripe fruits that you get and they will eventually be the source of the ‘six figure’ income that you always wanted. Following are some acts that are preventing you from making money blogging.

Sidebar or ‘BannerBar’?

making money bloggingYou might want to stop for a moment and take a look at your blog’s sidebar (or footer, for some cases). Does it really look like a sidebar or more like a bannerbar? Just for your information – A bannerbar (according to me) is a sidebar that is filled with nothing but ad banners.

One or two banners are good to have, and they do attract readers but it shouldn’t exceed the limit of tolerance. In short, there isn’t any specific number like “Maximum number of banners to have”, but it’s pretty much a common sense every blogger should have. Hence, let the sidebar be a sidebar.


You know what vague means, don’t you? It means that you’re unclear, not-focused and not concentrated on what you have to write about. For example, my blog’s tagline reads “Make Money Blogging and Blogging Tips” and I mostly write about the two. I do post some latest news, but I try to make sure that it is somehow related to the “blogging” or “making money blogging” niche.

Let’s take a random example – There’s a blog on “iOs News, Updates, Issues etc” and it has a good number of readers. Now suddenly, there’s a new article posted titled “Sony Releases New TV”. Imagine what would be the expression on the face of the readers!

In short vagueness leads to loss of readers, and readers are your ‘money’.


Sometimes, simple things during your blogging career help a lot. The above mentioned things (simple things) will help you not to loose your readers and as mentioned above, readers are your ‘money’ hence value your money.

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