4 Tips To Write Series Posts On Your Blog

Series posts are articles that are written under a specific topic, which has several parts – so called articles. For any sort of blog, series posts are really important to convey a specific message, or to teach a specific topic which can otherwise be hard to teach in a single post/article.

Here’s a list of some benefits of series posts to the author/blog-owner

  • Increased Number Of Page Views
  • Greater, Informative & Organized Discussion
  • Higher Social Shares i.e. Increased Social Traffic

And here’s a list of a few benefits of series posts to the readers –

  • Detailed Explanation Of The Topic
  • Wider Opportunity To Discuss Every Part In Detail
  • Easy Sharing Possibility i.e. can share one or two required posts with friends rather than sharing a full article.
  • Easy to access comments on single posts, hence knowing ore about the same.

All that explains the outstanding benefits of writing series posts on your blogs – regardless of the niche you lie into. However, speaking is a different thing and writing is another. Follow the tips below to make sure you’re writing your series posts in the best way they should be written.

Make The Titles Speak For Themselves

The title is the most crucial part of any article, and its importance gets a much higher ranking when it comes to series posts. That’s because any blog can have any number of new readers at any time – and without an appropriate title, it is impossible for them know what’s going on.

That said, you should write your titles in a way that any reader – old or new – can easily grasp the fact the he/she just read a series post title. Using phrases such as “Part #” or just “#” (the part number) can be very beneficial as well.

Use Informative Images – Usually Created/Edited

By the phrase Informative Images, I mean to say that the images should contain something that is unique about that series of articles. For example, you can add a small “Series Logo” (you must have created one if it was very famous!) at the bottom-right of all the featured images for the series posts.

This makes your series stand out of the crowd and attracts more visitors as it is something different.

Introduce With The Series’ Archive

Every article, just like this one, has an introductory paragraph. It is always advised, recommended and preferred to clearly state and included a link to the Series Archives i.e. where all the posts in that series are found.

This helps any reader to go through all the previous articles in the series – benefiting your blog more.

Have Specific Intervals

What if I started a series, posted the first article and then posted the second article a year later? Would it have any effect on any of my reader(s)? I believe not. That’s because a lot of things change with long times. Hence, you’re advised to have a specific schedule for posting the series posts – and following the same throughout the duration of the series.


Writing series posts is highly beneficial to your blog, but following some crucial advise will benefit it more.